Osteopathy during pregnancy

Our goal is to assist in the natural process of physiological and bodily change which can cause functional problems such as back or coccygeal/pelvic pain, sciatica, digestive conditions, gastric/acidic conditions, circulatory conditions, etc.

Back or coccygeal conditions, sciatica etc.

During pregnancy osteopathy is also actively encouraged for certain conditions such as back or pelvic pain, digestive problems, incontinence, pain during intercourse/menstruation, scars and adhesions, etc.

Osteopathy for babies

Osteopathy is the perfect technique for treating newborn babies and infants. Particularly recommended for functional conditions in the baby such as colic, regurgitation, nasal congestion, repeated ear infections, conjunctivitis, squinting, plagiocephaly (flat head), constipation, problems with swallowing or sucking, sleep conditions, continual crying, irritability, teething, etc.

Also for functional bodily conditions which can result from a long and difficult  delivery, torticollis in a newborn, flattened or distorted skull, KISS syndrome, etc.

For infants and children of all ages, osteopathy is recommended in the event of functional conditions such as headaches, neck pain, lower back pain, difficulties with concentration, ENT conditions, malocclusion or orthodontic conditions, scoliosis, stomach ache, digestive problems, etc. 

A consultation is also recommended in the event of a fall or accident, in order to prevent the possible occurrence of a functional condition.