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Clinic Beatrix Weis Ayari

Physiotherapy, osteopathie, massages - Servette / Geneva.

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Our physiotherapy practice stays open.

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HOMEOFFICE: Back pain is not a fatality, what to do?

Since the beginning of the COVID crisis, Home Office has been adopted, willingly or unwillingly. We are used to seeing patients with back pain.

Uncomfortable position, tension, stress, etc. Working from home can trigger muscular pain, which fortunately can be avoided.

  • Adopt the right posture: Keep your feet on the ground and "wedge" your pelvis.
  • Putting the screen at the right height
  • Stretching to relax back muscles
  • Get up and walk regularly, move around
  • Exercise, stretch

Is it still painful ?

Yes :(
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Physiotherapy osteopathy clinic in Geneva - Servette

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Geneva-based Beatrix Weis adopts a structural approach to osteopathy

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Cabinet Beatrix Weis-Ayari has a team of  five multilingual physiotherapists